A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005
  Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide > Psocoptera - Barklice

Psocoptera - Barklice

Psocidsare a common but relatively inconspicuous order of insects. These tinyinsects typically live among tree bark and other dry plant matter.While they may be winged or wingless, all of the species found in CoalOil Point thus far are winged. They feed on fungi, lichen, and decayingplant debris, and along with many other insects play an important rolein cycling nutrients. They can be gregarious or live alone. Somespecies spin silk in which they live. A few are known to livecommunally in bird feathers and nests or mammal fur, and some researchhas suggested they are the ancestors of true lice.

Coal Oil Point is home to 6 species of psocids.

Barklice Photos
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