A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005

 Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide

Illustrated Guide

This illustrated guide willgive a broad overview of the remarkable insect diversity of Coal OilPoint. Links on this page lead to more detailed pages on each of themajor groups, or 'orders', of insects. These pages may be used as abasic field guide to insects at the Reserve (though we'd stress thatit's rarely possible to conclusively identify insect species fromphotographs.)

Most insects illustrated in this guideare not identified to a definite species. We have attempted to identifyeverything we could during a relatively limited time frame. However,most morphospecies are identified only to genus, family, or evensuperfamily. For some of the most challenging groups, such as some ofthe micro-wasp and fly families, even these are tentative. Nonetheless,this is a work in progress, and it may be expected to improve over time.

Navigate by Order

Collembola | Archaeognatha | Odonata | Orthoptera | Isoptera | Dermaptera | Embioptera | Plecoptera | Psocoptera | Homoptera | Heteroptera | Thysanoptera | Neuroptera | Coleoptera | Siphonaptera | Diptera | Lepidoptera | Hymenoptera | Non-insect arthropods

Major groups
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Collembola - Springtails
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Archaeognatha - Bristletails
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Odonata - Dragonflies & Damselflies
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Isoptera - Termites
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Plecoptera - Stoneflies
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Orthoptera - Crickets & Grasshoppers
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Embioptera - Webspinners
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Dermaptera - Earwigs

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Psocoptera - Barklice

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Homoptera - Aphids
& Planthoppers
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Heteroptera - True Bugs
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Thysanoptera - Thrips
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Neuroptera - Lacewings
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Coleoptera - Beetles
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Lepidoptera - Moths & Butterflies
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Siphonaptera - Fleas
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Diptera - True Flies
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Hymenoptera - Ants,
Wasps & Bees
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Arachnida - Spiders
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Other Arthropods

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