A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005
  Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide > Coleoptera - Beetles

Coleoptera - Beetles

Beetles are the most diverse order of insects, and are generally considered the most successful group of organisms on Earth. Beetles are characterized by their modified forewings, called 'elytra', which cover the hindwings when not in use. This adaptation has allowed them to diversify into a great diversity of ecological niches, with many plant feeders, predators, fungivores, and scavengers. While many plant-feeding beetles are considered pests, many beetle predators, especially ladybird beetles, are highly beneficial.

At Coal Oil Point, beetles can be found anywhere you look, from the intertidal zone among the barnacles, to the sandy beach, up into the dunes. The majority of these species are endemics of coastal habitats, never being found even 100 meters inland. A beetle survey was the initial focus of our Coal Oil Point work, and they are relatively more thoroughly sampled than most of the other orders. One hundred forty-four species of beetles have been found to live at Coal Oil Point so far.

More information on California beetles can be found in the California Beetle Project web pages.

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* Additional information and pictures are available for the families in bold.
Beetle Photos
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Carabidae - Ground beetles

Cicendela oregona

Omophron sp.

Bembidion tigrinum
Additional pictures and information about Carabidae

Haliplidae - Crawling water beetles

Peltodytes simplex

Dytiscidae - Predaceous diving beetles

Laccophilus maculosus

Stictotarsus striatellus

Histeridae - Clown beetles

Neopachylopus sulcifrons

Hypocaccus lucidulus

Hypocaccus gaudens
Additional pictures and information about Histeridae

Hydrophilidae - Water scavenger beetles

Berosus sp.

Enochrus hamiltoni

Cercyon fimbriatus
Additional pictures and information about Hydrophilidae

Staphylinidae - Rove beetles

Bledius sp.

Cafius canescens

Thinopictus pictus
Additional pictures and information about Staphylinidae

Scarabaeidae - Scarab beetles

Tesarius macleayi

Dichelonyx pusillus

Cantharidae - Soldier beetles

Pacificanthia consors

Phengodidae - Glowworm beetles

Zarhipis integripennis

Anobiidae - Deathwatch beetles

Ozognathus cornutus

Melyridae - Soft-winged flower beetles

Collops sp.

Monotomidae - Root beetles

Phyconomus marinus

Latridiidae - Minute brown scavenger beetles

Aridius australicus

Byturidae - Fruitworm beetles

Xerasia grisescens

Coccinellidae - Ladybird beetles

Hippodamia convergens

Adalia bipunctata

Cycloneda sanguinea
Additional pictures and information about Coccinellidae

Zopheridae - Ironclad beetles

Phloeodes diabolicus

Pyrochroidae - Fire-colored beetles

Pedilus bardi

Oedemeridae - False blister beetles

Copidita quadrimaculata

Scraptiidae - False flower beetles

Anaspis sp.

Naucles? sp.

Anthicidae - Ant-like flower beetles

Notoxus lustrellus

Amblyderus parvicollis

Cyclodinus annectans

Tenebrionidae - Darkling beetles

Coelus ciliatus

Phaleria rotundata

Epantius obscurus
Additional pictures and information about Tenebrionidae

Chrysomelidae - Leaf beetles

Diabrotica undecimpunctata

Trirhabda luteocincta

Trachymela sloanei
Additional pictures and information about Chrysomelidae

Anthribidae - Fungus weevils

unidentified anthribid

Brentidae - Brentid weevils

unidentified apionine

Curculionidae - True weevils

Elassoptes marinus

Trigonoscuta sp.

Sphenophorus sp.
Additional pictures and information about Curculionidae

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