A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005
      Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide > Heteroptera - True Bugs

Heteroptera - True Bugs

Heteropterais a very large and diverse order of insects. True bugs are easilyrecognized by their front wings, known as hemelytra- where the basalhalf of the wings are thick and leathery and the tips are membranous.Like Homoptera,their mouthparts are long beaks, which they use to feed on plants orother insects, or in a few cases vertebrate blood. Most true bugs areterrestrial, though a good number are aquatic.

The Coal Oil Point Reserve collection contains 24 species of true bugs.

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Corixidae| Notonectidae| Anthocoridae| Miridae | Reduviidae | Tingidae | Berytidae | Lygaeidae | Rhopalidae | Saldidae | Cydnidae

*Additional information and pictures are available for the families in bold.
True Bug Photos
(click to enlarge)

Corixidae - Water Boatmen

Notonectidae - Backswimmers

Anthocoridae - Minute Pirate Bugs

Miridae - Leaf or Plant Bugs

Additional pictures and information about Miridae

Reduviidae - Assasin Bugs

Tingidae - Lace Bugs

Berytidae - Stilt Bugs

Lygaeidae - Seed Bugs

Rhopalidae - Scentless Plant Bugs

Saldidae - Shore Bugs

Cydnidae - Burrower Bugs


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