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NOTE: As of 2014, the California Beetle Project page is no longer updated. The original database and list of California beetles in the menu on the left will remain for the time being, but the information contained within is not necessarily current. SBMNH Entomology Curator Matthew L. Gimmel has divided up the function of the original database into two conceptual halves:

  1. The SBMNH Entomology specimen-level database, including all SBMNH beetle specimens included in the CBP database, which is now available (and ever-growing) through the ecdysis portal at

  2. A literature- (and available specimen-)based checklist.
  3. of the Coleoptera of California, which is being revised and re-compiled by Dr. Gimmel, and, as of January 2017, is about 85% complete.

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Funded in part by award DEB0447694 from the National Science Foundation to M. Caterino.

Last updated 01/16/2009

 California Beetle Project > Collaborators


This project owes much of its success to the contributions of numerous collaborators. In particular many taxonomists have pledged their time and assistance providing identifications for specimens collected during the project. We also have to recognize the growing number of people helping out with fieldwork, and donating specimens to the project. We would like to publicly and sincerely thank these many biologists for their help:

Taxonomic specialists

   Rolf Aalbu - Tenebrionidae
   Robert Anderson - Curculionoidea
   Fred Andrews - Latridiidae
   Cheryl Barr - Dryopoidea
   Richard Beal - Dermestidae
   Robert Beiriger - Bostrichidae
   Chuck Bellamy - Buprestoidea
   Marc Branham - Lampyridae
   Don Chandler - Anthicidae, Aderidae, Pselaphinae
   John Chemsak - Cerambycidae
   Anthony Cognato - Scolytinae
   Art Evans - Scarabaeoidea
   Gil Challet - Dytiscidae
   Ian Foley - Zopherinae
   Art Gilbert - Chrysomelidae
   Vladimir Gusarov - Staphylinidae
   Gene Hall - Ptiliidae
   Chris Hartley - Latridiidae
   Frank Hovore - Cerambycidae, Pleocomidae
   Mike Ivie - Bostrichidae, Zopheridae, Eucinetidae (etc!)
   Rich Leschen - various Cucujoidea
   Jonathan Mawdsley - Dasytinae
   Adriean Mayor - Melyridae
   Al Newton - Staphylinidae
   Sean O'Keefe - Scydmaenidae
   Stewart Peck - Leoididae, Agyrtidae, Silphidae
   Keith Philips - Anobiidae
   John Pinto - Meloidae
   Darren Pollock - various Tenebrionoidea
   Michele Price - Nitidulidae
   Alistair Ramsdale - Cantharoidea
   Jacques Rifkind - Cleridae
   Andrew Short - Hydrophilidae
   Trevor Smith - Cybocephalinae
   Mikael Sorensson - Ptiliidae
   Warren Steiner - Phalacridae
   Margaret Thayer - Staphylinidae
   Mike Thomas - Cucujidae, Silvanidae, Laemophloeidae
   Sam Wells - Elateridae
   Dan Young - Pyrochroidae

Fieldwork assistance

   Jennifer Jacobs
   Peter Jump
   Hank Roberts
   Sandy & Paul Russell
   Robyn Waayers
   Mike Walgren
   Bill Butler

Fieldwork permissions

   BLM: Kathy Sharum (Carrizo Plain Nat. Mon.)
   University of California Reserve System: Bill Bretz, Michael Hamilton, Kurt Merg, Cristina Sandoval, John Smiley, Michael Williams
    Land Trust for Santa Barbara County: Michael Feeney, John Iwerks, Chris Chapman
    Los Padres National Forest: Vicki Collins, Maeton Freel
    Angeles National Forest: Clem Lagrosa
    Cleveland National Forest: Kirsten Winter
    San Bernardino National Forest: Melody Lardner
    California Department of Parks and Recreation: Art Fong
    California Department of Fish and Game
    California Department of Food and Agriculture


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