A Guide to the Insects of the Coal Oil Point Reserve

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Last updated 08/15/2005
  Insects of Coal Oil Point > Guide > Coleoptera - Beetles > Carabidae

Carabidae - Ground beetles

Groundbeetles are conspicuous beetles worldwide. Essentially all arepredators, mostly fast running and nocturnal. The known ground beetlefauna of the reserve consists of 12 species, though interestingly only2 of these, Bembidion tigrinum and the sandy beach tiger beetle,Cicindela hirticollis gravida, are apparently restricted to coastalhabitats. This is a lower proportion than is seen in many otherfamilies. All others represent more widespread species. The sandy beachtiger beetle is a species of special concern and a candidate for theendangered species list.

Carabid Photos
(click to enlarge)

Cicindela oregona

Omophron sp.

Anisodactylus sp.

Bembidion sp.

Bembidion sp.

Bembidion tigrinum

Paratachys sp.

Lebia sp.

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