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NOTE: As of 2014, the California Beetle Project page is no longer updated. The original database and list of California beetles in the menu on the left will remain for the time being, but the information contained within is not necessarily current. SBMNH Entomology Curator Matthew L. Gimmel has divided up the function of the original database into two conceptual halves:

  1. The SBMNH Entomology specimen-level database, including all SBMNH beetle specimens included in the CBP database, which is now available (and ever-growing) through the ecdysis portal at

  2. A literature- (and available specimen-)based checklist.
  3. of the Coleoptera of California, which is being revised and re-compiled by Dr. Gimmel, and, as of January 2017, is about 85% complete.

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Last updated 01/16/2009

 California Beetle Project > Endangered beetles

Endangered Beetles

California is home to four species of federally listed beetles. These species have been recognized by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as either threatened or endangered in their native habitats. In all cases, these species are restricted to areas that have been heavily impacted by human activities. The first two listed below are found only in the Santa Cruz mountains, and had historically small ranges, so were particularly susceptible to disturbance. The last two were probably once much more widespread in the Central Valley, but agricultural activities have greatly reduced the extent of their required habitats. Please follow the links below to read more detailed information about each of these species.

Polyphylla barbata - Mount Hermon June Beetle
Cicindela ohlone - Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Desmocerus californicus dimorphus - Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle
Elaphrus viridis - Delta Green Ground Beetle

In addition to these, dozens of additional California beetle species have been proposed for listing over the years. Unfortunately, none of these could be realistically evaluated for listing due to a lack of information on their historic and contemporary distributions. So they do not now receive any legal protection. However, their status is tracked by the California Department of Fish and Game (as 'Species of Concern'), and they may be considered for listing in the future if the data warrant it.

View the list of Beetles of Concern for California

 Pterotus obscuripennis

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